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3/11/2019 3/12/2019 3/13/2019 3/14/2019 3/15/2019
Blincoe Advanced FACS Breakfast Article Poster Cutting accuracy and safety notes Practice cutting safety and accuracy Salsa Lab Queso lab
Blincoe Food Careers plan breads lab bread lab day 1 bread lab day 2 hand pies Plating research and practice
Blincoe Intro to FACS Cinnamon biscuit lab Equipment packet and kahoot. No hw Crunchy munchy peanut goop Plan pancakes Pancake lab
Caton Health
Gicante Publication Scholastic due Friday March digital yearbook due 3/29 Video announcement eval Finsih Yrbk Yrbk. Eval.
Helderle Green Architecture
Helderle Design and Modeling
Helderle Automation and Robotics
Swope Intro. to Art
Swope 2D Art
Swope 3D Art
Torretta - Trout French 1 Geoculture L'Ouest de la France (finish if not completed in class) Castles in the Loire activity with vocabulary (in class, no hw) Castles BW and Royal description (hw if not completed in class), Choose castle and work with partner. Castle Activities are due Monday after break (March 25) no exceptions, but students have the next 2 days to work on them. Castle Project Workday (see google classroom) Castle Project Workday (see google classroom)
Torretta - Trout Intro to Foreign Language Dates Bell Work and Geography Activity together in class (if for some reason it's not done, it becomes homework), Practice Essential Questions - quizzes start tomorrow and continue Wednesday Jean de Florette
Essential Questions Quizzes start today (practice questions and answers if you didn't take your quiz today)
Essential Questions Quiz - Jean de Florette (no homework) Jean de Florette, cultural activity KWL Spanish and Spain City exploration (see google classroom)
Torretta - Trout Intro to World Cultures Markets in Burkina Faso - no hw Markets, Lifestyle and Market Challenge (Part I)
Practice French questions for quiz on Thursday
Market Challenge Part II (practice French greeting questions for Quiz on Thursday) French greeting questions quiz today!
Design a Pagne (if not done in class, it will be homework)
Identifying Issues around the world - Compelling questions - begin researching questions, answers and ideas for STEAM project. - NO HOMEWORK!
Wallace Choir
Wallace Theater Arts

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